Which Chess Games to Play?

Yoko Chess: Original Chess is Free to Play.

You can choose to play in any of the 3 Game Modes:

  • Traditional
  • Speed
  • Timed

And in any of the 4 Difficulty Settings:

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

Additionally, you can choose to purchase 2 more Chess Games with all the same Game Mode and Difficulty options, These are:

  • Play It By Trust - based on Yoko Ono’s “Play It By Trust” art installation. All playing pieces are white as is every square on the board.  As Yoko says; “Play it for as long as you can remember / who is your opponent and / who is your own self.”
  • Doggie Chess - Chess with a canine theme! Dogs of various breeds and sizes take the place of the traditional chess pieces. Support animal welfare initiatives around the world, with 20% of the net purchase price being donated to local rescue organisations.


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